Clinic Treatments

Clinic Treatments

A new era in beauty enhancement treatments

The trials and tribulations of every day life can take its toll and women can often believe that surgical procedures are the only effective method of turning back the clock. At amaryllis, our highly qualified dermatologists provide proficient consultations and beauty enhancement treatments that are both non-surgical and kind to the skin.

Experience dramatic transformations with our revolutionary beauty treatments in our beautiful, designated clinic area. We offer a full range of long-term beauty solutions with everything from treatments that eradicate the appearance of cellulite to affordable laser hair removal options.

List of treatments

60 mins

Customised to meet every client’s needs and provide instant results through cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, massaging and masking; ideal for damaged or problematic skin.

60 mins

For skin in need of some serious TLC, for hyper-pigmented or for damaged skin, this miracle treatment rejuvenates your facial skin.

This treatment is recommended in weekly or two weekly courses of 6-12 treatments.

60 Mins

A clear, even skin tone can be difficult to achieve. This facial deeply exfoliates to enhance the penetration of alpha hydroxyl acids and other ingredients that do wonders for the skin.

An advanced lightening treatment targeting different parts of the body with unique techniques to soften and brighten the skin; leaving you glowing with radiance.

60 mins

This revolutionary glycolic peel treatment non-invasively removes dead skin cells to revitalise the skin and improve the general texture and appearance of your skin.

50 Mins

Pump vitality back into the skin with this special MicroNeeding treatment. The skin’s pore size is reduced, the elasticity of the skin is improved and fine lines and wrinkles are softened. 

60 mins

Deeply detoxifying, this treatment cleanses the skin through the use of an invigorating steam extraction process and rejuvenating treatment mask.

30 mins

Focusing on the sensitive areas of the eyes, this collagen enriched eye mask enhances a youthful appearance with its deeply hydrating and refreshing formula.

30 mins

Promoting a new era in deep exfoliation techniques, this non-aggressive treatment mask restores radiance and rejuvenates the skin with a unique blend of active ingredients.

50 mins

The concentrated peel treatment brightens the skin with a unique gel base that combines seven rejuvenating compounds. A remedy treatment for damaged or hyper-pigmented skin.

50 mins

Addressing acne and skin conditions, this advanced cumulative peeling system uses five exfoliating agents in a light emulsion base to correct impurities and imbalances within the skin.

30 mins

Our highly qualified Dermatologists will provide you with an in-depth consultation that is tailored to the needs of your skin with the best possible treatment solutions.

With the use of small injections filled with natural purified protein, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced dramatically for six months. For long-lasting effects, use Botox on a regular basis.

The procedure instantly lifts and softens skin with the application of hyaluronic acid injections that eliminate wrinkles. Results last six months or more depending on the number of treatments.

Pout with confidence thanks to our Lip Augmentation that uses non-aggressive hyaluronic acid injections. Results last between 3 to 9 months or more depending on the number of treatments.

Promoting cell growth and removing imperfections, this treatment non-invasively restores the surface of your skin. Ideal for ache scarring, wrinkles and colour faded skin.

A laser treatment that gradually weakens and eliminates hair follicles for good. A minimum of six sessions is required and results last months, even years depending on the hair type.

A revolutionary treatment that permanently removes any type of Vascular Lesions in any part of the body, restoring comfort and leaves your skin looking and feeling the way it should.

Looking to turn back the clock? This safe, flash-lamp treatment leaves you younger and fresher with the unique ability to target problem areas from age spots to stretch marks.

A safe, innovative photodynamic therapy that dramatically reduces acne, acne scarring and the signs of aging with no side effects, redness or peeling.